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In addition to the LCBO, I've also worked on specific alcohol brands.

FranÁois The Talking Mime | Wines of France
People knew French wine was good, but found it confusing because itís categorized by region, not grape (you know, like the rest of the world). Our job was to demystify these wines, and Francois The Talking Mime was born. Click the banner to launch the site.

'As French-flavored accordion sounds flow in the background, visitors watch videos of Francois go on dates with three different women. Each woman is complemented by a different set of wines depending on her personality, ranging from soft & subtle to big & bold. The videos conclude with each female giving their review of the date with Francois, who only speaks up when the topic is wine.'

- Creativity Online

Sliced: The Movie | Vex Coolers
Iím not one to condone murderous violence, but it sure is a fun way to sell fruity coolers. The film was originally going to be Ďfruit porní, but somehow blood and guts were more acceptable (Iím still trying to figure that one out). Click the banner to launch the site.

Jingle Update | Laker Beer
Laker Beer was once famous for itís dreadful jingle: ďMake Ďer a Laker, itís a buck a beer.Ē But when beer prices went up, I changed as little as possible, and we won a bunch of Crystal Awards...along with bronze at the London International Awards.

Laker Beer: Jingle Update

Laker Beer: Jingle Update Part 2

Branding | Tag Vodka
Identity development for a chic, well-priced, Canadian-made vodka. Client brief, in a nutshell: ďIím making vodka. You make it cool.Ē