Lino DiNallo | Writer

I’ve been working with The Liquor Control Board of Ontario since 2004. They seem to appreciate my perverse blend of sass and wit. And, with near-monthly promotions, I've literally written hundreds of commercials for them. It’s been a pleasure to watch this once conservative crown corporation begin taking creative risks over the years. From argumentative gay couples on mainstream radio, to our Pride Ad being named one of Buzzfeed’s 25 Funnest Gay Ads Ever, I say cheers to the LCBO.

Holiday Singles Hotline: Fruit Beer

Holiday Singles Hotline: Dinner Dates

Shop & Save Event: Bellini Bar

Lessons In Culture: Caviar

Lessons In Culture: Tuxedoes

Too Cool Promotion: Ready To Serve Coolers

Too Cool Promotion: Make Your Own 8-Pack

Holiday Carol: Brown Noser

Wines of Spain: Tapas

Wines of Spain: Paella