Lino DiNallo | Writer

Growing up, I was the quintessential fat kid who always got picked last. So everybody was surprised, including myself, when I joined Toronto’s gay rugby team. Then I became the team’s Director of Marketing & Media, and things went...crazy. I developed their salty identity through t-shirts, posters, tons of press, and a recruitment mockumentary. The Beaver Bowl – Muddy York's annual tournament – begged for lewd and lascivious lines. “Drop The Soap” is one of Buzzfeed’s Top 25 Funnest Gay Ads Ever. And “The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough” has racked up half a million YouTube views, was declared one of Adweek’s 50 Gayest Ads Ever, and even won Best Documentary at the Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards (it’s not even a real documentary).

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